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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

I once heard it said that the greatest lie that Satan has ever told was that he does not exist.

In theory, that makes sense and even in some practical aspects, I understood what was being said. However, to truly look at what Satan is doing in the world is quite alarming to how much we’ve convinced ourselves are simply the product of us being in a fallen world although he is alive, well, and very active.

We had a mission to a girl’s school in the area for the third time within our program and we ended the night with a video series called “The Truth About Hip Hop.”

The pastor who has put this together goes through some information about fake gods in Scripture and history, looks at a book written by “the most evil man ever” about how to be evil, and then looks at different symbols displayed by current hip hop celebrities, and god-sized statements of grandeur by these same artists.

On the surface, and even in my writing about this, it looks ridiculous. However, the arguments don’t need to be built…things clearly line up.

He talks about artists like T-Pain, Beyonce, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, T.I., and many others.

One thing that made a lot of sense to me was that he talked about these evil spirits who used people in ancient times to gain worship now using these celebrities as they are one of the easiest grounds for worship today.

It’s also interesting when you look at the lyrics in the light of what some of the “abstract” statements could actually be referring to. Some of the ways things are written are seen as simply mocking Jesus, Christianity, or religion, but we seem to take it a bit more lightly than we should.

It was also interesting that the power went out in the building that we were in, but nowhere else on the campus (only about an hour into the movie). We also had a hard time setting the video back up outside and kept having issues. I personally kept wanting to give up but the girls were all willing to sit outside and watch and we were able to power through and get everything working. After actually watching the video more, I understood why “someone” didn’t want this video to be seen by all these girls and by our team.

I would really suggest trying to find these videos in some way and at least giving them a watch. All of us were initially opposed to watching them and so were the girls at the school; however, this makes more sense than I’m comfortable to even admit.

I think what this comes down to is how lightly we take the things wrong in this world. Satan is a prowling lion looking to devour whoever he can, he’s not okay with others being able to be in right relationship with God since he screwed that up for himself.

We need to start taking the wrong in this world seriously and we need to start admitting that the spiritual world exists and ignoring it or explaining it away will not help anything.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (see Ephesians 6:12).

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