Redheaded Ninjas

During the break I didn’t really have anything ABIDE related to talk about, but it was a great and needed time in which I had very much time with Lesley and was able to be in Mbarara which is a town I know a bit better. I was able to experience the joys of cooking, cleaning, and doing life with Lesley. It was a good picture of what is ahead in terms of working together and supporting one another in life. This may be a different experience and situation, but we both hope to see more of Africa or some form of missions in our future.

Now to explain the name of this post.

This past weekend, we had a mission to Kampala and Jinja (which my friend Kristin Thompson believes sounds like a ginger [redheaded] ninja, hence the title). It was a great time and God definitely worked through us.

The weekend started out to a rough start as there was some confusion on food and such, so we did not eat from 10am until somewhere near 6:30pm. God provided and we survived during that time and even carried out some ministry! We were blessed with a very large feast to prepare us for an overnight that we then helped run that night. I personally ended up sleeping from 2am (trying to sleep) on due to making a terrible mistake of having a large energy drink around lunchtime thinking we’d be eating soon…my body was worn out, especially after being Jesus in the Lifehouse skit.

After our ministry in Kampala, we went to Jinja (a well-known area as it is the source of the Nile river). There, we visited the homes of two students, David and Charles, and stayed with their families. We also visited Amaziima Ministries, which you may have heard of if you’ve read or heard of the book “Kisses From Katie,” as David and Charles were part of the ministry. The directress, Katie Davis, is a young, single, white woman who has adopted 13 kids and runs the school. It was cool to get to meet her and see the ministry after hearing of her. Not to mention…they have a monkey. So cool!

On Sunday we visited two churches (Charles’ and David’s home churches) and performed the Lifehouse skit for each. We were able to work with another mission group (Uganda based) at David’s church and both lead components of the service. The sermon was in Luganda (the main Central region language), but one of the other mission team members was incredibly kind and translated the whole sermon for me. It was a lot easier to stay awake in the service that way.

We had a football (soccer) match between our team and some boys from the church and it was a great time (it was a draw at 3-3). Later on, the other group showed a movie (I think it was based on “Pilgrim’s Progress”) and then we returned to David’s home.

On Monday, we had a free day, walked across the Nile and to Jinja town (a very far walk) and got to see much of the area. We then helped clean up David’s family’s plantation and later (evening) headed back towards Kabale. Due to delay in travel (we arrived at another student, Yonna’s place, fairly late and did not plan to be as late as we were) and low visibility, we stuck around Mbarara a bit (which I loved since Lesley is working there). We arrived back in Kabale on Wednesday evening.

This post is more of simply updating on ministry and less of some principle to be taught. I have just finished fighting my third or fourth (lost count) ear infection which seems to be due to changes in elevation when I travel between Kabale, Mbarara, or even further. So I’m a little out of energy with how much my body keeps needing to fight amidst being faced by some layer of culture-shock every day. Please continue to pray for my health and ministry.

I hope to be able to do another post this week and maybe have more of a theme as well.

God bless you!

IMG_2067 IMG_2085 IMG_2172

(From left to right) Our team, a child who woke me up by climbing on me and later watched me bathe with a basin (so awkward), and our house’s new puppy (Peace)


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