Anything But Stagnant

It would be wrong to regard the last two weeks as completely terrible, but it would also be wrong to regard them as completely great. This is not at all saying that they’ve been boring, as they’ve been anything but.

The past two weeks have consisted of the following positive things:

  • My good friend, Dan Lee from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, spent about a week with me
  • I was able to travel to Kampala with Dan and Lesley (my girlfriend) and the Trinity team was able to meet Lesley
  • I was able to stay in Kampala for an extra night after the team left and have a slow trip back to Mbarara
  • I was able to stay in Mbarara a few extra days and got to teach part of the Spiritual Leadership class and help the guys with preparing for leading a worship service on Sunday
  • My ear infection went away
  • There is plenty more that went well

However, they’ve also consisted of the following negative things:

  • Some mixture of the travel and climate changes rendered me sick for about a week
  • Immediately following feeling better, I started feeling more ill in a more serious way (although I’ve found out that I’m okay and have medicine to help with the symptoms I have)
  • Our water and electricity still don’t always work in our house (this won’t likely change but it’s still something that gets under my skin)
  • I’ve seen a bit of how men tend to view women here and it hits home a bit more having a girlfriend here

Maybe I’m forgetting things, but it sure looks to me like the positives outweigh the negatives. Although, health issues and little things that keep occurring tend to wear away at you, so I don’t feel it right to just try and brush them off.

I feel like I’ve communicated through this journal and the last that I’m having a terrible time…which is anything but the truth. I love it here.

I have no idea where God is calling me, but beyond having school left when I get back, I am confident that my future will involve discipling youth in some context. I love getting to see God work in young men’s lives and getting to be reminded of how much he’s done and is still doing in my own life.

This Wednesday, I get to participate on a call that I have been on the other end several times for in the past. It’s a call from the Trinity International University chapel during their mission week to call missionaries from Trinity around the world. I am incredibly humbled to be in a place right now where I am able to be on the other side of this conversation.

There’s so much ahead in these next 4.5 months and even more after that I’m sure. I can’t wait to see where God brings me.

God is good.

Sorry I haven’t posted more pictures, here are a few though!


Dan teaching Spiritual Leadership for Kabale House


Lesley and me


Dan taking a picture of hundreds of girls dancing like there’s no tomorrow during worship



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2 thoughts on “Anything But Stagnant

  1. your ear pain went away ? what treatment that you did ?

    • Carl Chomko

      Used ciprofloxacin drops, methadexasone drops, and amoxycillin. I’ve also started putting cotton balls in my ear when I travel to keep the dust out.

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