Joyful in the Hope of Perseverance

I was wearing away little-by-little, but I didn’t realize it until it hit me.

There is so much about being in a different culture that makes it hard to be yourself and feel “comfortable.” Whether or not it’s good for us to feel “comfortable” is not the question, but when you go from living your whole life that way and then become fully immersed somewhere that is not, it’s hard.

I struggled a lot with feeling weak and like I should be able to handle this. Thankful I have friends who care about me too much to let me stay in that place.

The director from my program is primarily by the other house (2.5 hours away) and I’m only up in that town once every two weeks (regularly). He visits us about once every other week as well, so I get to see him most weeks…but that isn’t “regular” interaction.

My only regular in person interaction is with Ugandans.

I love Ugandans, don’t get me wrong, but after spending two months here, I’ve come to see just how different our cultures are. Now I’m sure this isn’t the only time that I will struggle with this or think about these things, but this is the first time it’s hit me this hard. Going straight from an ear infection to feeling a bit sick (sore throat and cough) has not helped much.

There are many things that I miss, and listing them isn’t going to help anything, but that doesn’t minimize the fact that God has me here and he’s already shown me quite a few reasons for that.

I trust that these “trials” are certainly going to lead to perseverance, and that is a reason to be joyful.

To be positive amidst this all, I recently was able to travel to Rwanda and visit my friend Eli and spend about a day and a half with him in both Rwanda and Uganda. That was awesome. I also currently have my friend Dan staying at the house in Kabale with me for the week and then will head up to Mbarara and subsequently Kampala to get to see the Trinity team (who brought me a ton of stuff and many of whom I miss) and spend the weekend out there for a mini-vacation.

This has all come just as culture-shock has hit me the hardest. God knew and he has provided. I don’t know where I’d be without these things he’s brought with the difficulty, but I know that it wouldn’t be a good place.

God is good.

Thank you for your prayers and support. God is doing something great in me and I know for a fact that I will never be able to be the same person I was before I came back out here this time. Thank you for making this possible. God bless you.

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