Prayers Welcome

Something that I had feared going into this trip was, what would happen if I got an ear infection.

To some, this might seem like an oddly specific thought, but if you know me well, it’s likely you know I have a bad history with ear infections dating back further than I can remember. It’s through these that I’ve had to wear hearing aids for the last 7 years, have had three surgeries on one ear (consecutive Summers: 2007, 2008, and 2009), and now have to be incredibly careful not to get water in my left ear…which leads me to not swim very often…which was something I used to love to do but now get too concerned about what could happen.

The reason your prayers are welcome, is this fear has been actualized.

When I first arrived, I would every once in a while feel a bit of moisture in my ear as if a drop of water had just fell in…but things got better after a day or so. However, yesterday the same sensation occurred…and then started to hurt a bit and wouldn’t go away.

I went to visit one of the AIM team members who is a doctor, Derek, and he let me know that it looked red/irritated behind my eardrum and in my throat a bit, so he suggested I go get some Amoxicillin.

I am now taking the medicine and with a mixture of factors (including travel and not sleeping enough) I’m feeling fairly out of it.

We have a mission this weekend to a student’s home, so I would love prayers that the Spirit would strengthen me and I would be well soon.

Thank you for the prayers and support.

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3 thoughts on “Prayers Welcome

  1. Patricia Stone

    Carl, I suffered from ear infections most of my life, so I know the pain you are in.  I pray that God will touch you with His healing hand, and that your ears will stay clear of anything that would cause a problem.  God bless you Carl. 

  2. Carl Chomko

    Thank you very much, Patty.

    I was able to find ear drops at a Pharmacy here about an hour ago and was very relieved to find that (after praying quite a bit) especially after the first pharmacy didn’t have them.

  3. so , you have an ear pain recurrent ? have you see a doctor ? or try a natural remedy ?

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