Week Three (First at Kabale House) Done

We’ve now completed an entire week at the Kabale house. It’s been great. I’ve had other conversations like the ones I mentioned in my last post and relationships continue to grow. I was able to accompany one of the guys today to a girl’s house who is planning on “trying out sex” at 20 years old and I was able to speak into her life to give her an outsider’s perspective and not just her friend’s advice. It seemed to at least make her stop and think again. Especially as I’ve been reading through Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers for a second time. It not only reminds me of the standard of which God has set for men, but also the standards that women should have for us. If I can keep young women from being hurt by guys who are like I was…then it makes me more thankful for my past.

Yesterday I was able to travel up with a few people to Mbarara to attend our friend Medard’s graduation celebration and it was great to get to see the guys from the other house as well as our Mbarara team and some of our missionary friends stationed there. It was a long day since we left at 6:30am and returned close to 11pm or so, but it was well worth it. I’m glad to be able to visit up there on occasion and will be going up there on Wednesday evening and spending part of Thursday there.

Another thing that’s great is our water is getting more consistent…meaning I can take showers more often and use a shower head instead of a basin. Big fan of that. I’m being blown away though by the amount of people I meet who offer their homes, hot showers, food, and company to make this place less stressful for me. I haven’t reached a point where I feel I need any of that yet, but I really appreciate it all and feel very blessed.

Thank you for the prayers!

PS – that article I mentioned I was being interviewed for, is being submitted today to the Chicago Tribune. I have read it and I will say it was great…not only because it’s about me and I’m a bit biased, but I felt it was very well written! I will post a link once it is available!

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