Thursdays are Billy and my Sabbath. I am a huge fan of this day.

We’ve had a fairly busy week of classes and Billy and I taught (along with Bruce) the first Computer Skills class yesterday and it went well! I’ve spent a majority of my day today at Ark Cafe as it has free wifi so I was able to watch a video or two without burning up all of my bandwidth and also get some coffee and lunch.

I’m currently uploading pictures to facebook (finally) from camping and a bit of the first week or so. If you aren’t friends with me on facebook and would like to see these, simply send me a message on facebook and I’ll add you or I can make a “Carl in Africa” page like my friend Lesley has done (hers is “Lesley in Africa”…not “Carl in Africa”).

I had some amazing conversation last night with a few of the students and am incredibly encouraged in what God has done in my own life over the past couple of years in preparing me for this and I’m also excited to see all that will result of this program in my life, but especially in the students’ lives and from there, the world.

God is doing big things.

Billy and I are about to head over to Lesley’s place for some pizza and games and tomorrow night I’ve been invited to an ice cream social with the AIM (Africa Inland Mission) team. They’ve basically adopted me and it’s really great. It helps to have ABIDE and also the AIM team as family while I’m across the world from everyone and everything I know. They are all wonderful and I feel blessed to know them.

I believe we’re heading down to Kabale on Saturday, so I actually won’t see much of the AIM team except for every other week when I come up to Mbarara to switch with Billy for the day, but even that is a blessing.

God is good.

Update on health – feeling much better. Juice is amazing.

I’m kinda tired today from all the recovering and it’s pretty warm out, so this post has been fairly scatterbrained, I’ll try to be a little more logical on the next one! 🙂

Thank you for your prayers and support, they mean the world to me.

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One thought on “Sabbath

  1. “Sabbath The Traveling Chomko” in fact got myself simply addicted with your page!
    I actuallywill certainly be back again much more often.
    Thanks ,Brigida

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