(Most of) The ABIDE Class of 2013 Has Arrived


I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few days, although I likely won’t be able to post every day, I will do my best to keep posts up regularly.

This week has been busy with leadership training and preparing for the student’s arrival, but the day has come and the ABIDE class of 2013 is here for the most part! There is much excitement and life in the ABIDE Mbarara house right now as both the ABIDE Mbarara and ABIDE Kabale houses are here for the week!

Tomorrow morning (which is much closer for us than for most reading this) we will leave as one ABIDE family to take a hike (literally) and go camping. There are many activities planned and it should be a great time. We will arrive back at the ABIDE Mbarara house on Wednesday night to then spend the rest of the week having orientation.

I will do my best to post pictures and such when we return from camping (as I hope to have many) but cannot promise much as I am low on internet usage left (I had to use the bit of airtime from my phone to fund the internet I’m using right now…I’m really not used to this).

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers and despite the little bumps that I’ve experienced metaphorically health-wise and literally on my poor, little toe on my right foot, I am feeling incredibly blessed. [Sorry to my fellow lovers of the English language who were appalled by that last sentence, I am very tired]

Grace and peace.

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One thought on “(Most of) The ABIDE Class of 2013 Has Arrived

  1. The adventure begins, Carl. Trusting for healing and continued health, strength, and God-directed relationships as ABIDE begins.

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