“Welcome to Uganda.”

We were watching Courageous tonight as a leadership team when Matt got a phone call from his wife. When he came back he announced that their neighbor, who is a Christian from a Muslim family, came to ask for Matt to pray for her step-brother who was possessed by a demon. He invited any of us who were willing to come with. 

On our way there he gave some back story and explained that the family had recently had the same thing happen to a girl and she had recently died. This family is under attack. However, as Matt explained later on, the same door that we’ve gone into a problem with can be the same door we leave it with. 

As we walked to the house, Matt turned to me and said, “Welcome to Uganda.”

We arrived to a room full of people around a young man with no shirt on being held down by about 4 people (maybe more) who was trying to break free and had his eyes closed. Matt asked for permission to pray for him (from the family) and they gave permission. He began praying for the man and the others of us did as well and aided in holding him down. 

He opened his eyes (which he apparently would not do before) and acknowledged that Matt had demanded that he name himself, but throughout the times that he would violently try to break free, appear to have an invisible rope around his neck, or simply be limp and left alone momentarily but not able to control himself yet, he would not state it. Finally, he did say his name and it was his real name. Matt also was able to get him to say “Jesus is Lord.” It was then that we knew he was free.

Matt then explained to the family that Jesus is the only way that they can be safe from this demon and that they are clearly under attack. They all seemed to want to switch their allegiance but explained there was fear that they all might do this together but some might turn back, and if you know anything about how Muslims handle family members who convert to Christianity, you might understand their apprehension.

Matt assured them that if the demon comes back and they call for help, he will come.

I have never been so sure of God before this night. The demon looked in my eyes through this young man’s eyes and I felt no fear, because I know that no one has power over our God and that He is within me. 

The young man explained that there were two men he would see, one in white and one in black. The one in black was holding a rope which was around the man’s neck and the one in white was just standing there. Matt explained the man in white as Jesus and the man in black as Satan. He explained that Jesus was simply standing there because He has already done all He can do, it is left to the man’s decision now to choose to believe.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to see this and for strengthening my faith through this. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done here as it is in heaven. May we be Your vehicles and may the world know that You are above all.

Mukama Asiimwe (Praise God).

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