Odd Cravings, Crazy Kids, and Final Moments of Laxity

This morning when I went to have bread and butter for breakfast, I noticed that I really miss mayonnaise. This is funny to me because I rarely eat it when I’m at home, but I wonder if it’s the comfort food aspect of it, considering when I wouldn’t feel well but would need something in my stomach, my mom would make me toast with mayonnaise on it and it would usually stay down when other foods wouldn’t.

Other random cravings today have included (though not been limited to) margaritas and pork rinds (not together though). Again, things I don’t eat quite often…but in writing them down, I am reminded that my mom likes both of these a lot…maybe I just miss my mommy (and daddy).

Okay, it also hasn’t helped that I’ve had several kids who have many less privileges or material things that I took for granted as a child who have hung all over me all day and I’ve had to lock myself in my room several times because they’ve been too much for me. After reading through Romans for a bit though, I was reminded that my life is to be lived for others, not for myself. If these kids need to be a bit crazy and get some love, I need to do that and I want to also.

Today also is likely one of the last days I will have time to post or be online much as leadership training starts tomorrow (we have a dinner all together tonight) and then on the 14th, classes begin. I’m sure I’ll have time to post time and again, but I doubt I will have quite this much free time once things get going (though at the moment that sounds great). I am very used to the West and having things to fill every moment of my day or claiming that I’m “bored.” After spending much time feeling “bored” today, I was reminded to read the Bible and spent much time in Romans (as I mentioned earlier) and was reminded quite how much I like reading the Bible and when God reveals things to me that are directly applicable to things that I have faced recently. Romans 14 was incredibly helpful in thinking through a conversation with a brother concerning the common Ugandan Christian’s view towards alcohol and finding myself in a much different place.

God is good.

If you would be willing, I would love prayer for my right pinky toe as I hurt it right before I left for here and I keep being concerned about it when playing with children and I would love to not have to worry about it. Also, please pray for the training as we start and for the program in general. I can’t wait to see what God does through the ABIDE class of 2013!

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One thought on “Odd Cravings, Crazy Kids, and Final Moments of Laxity

  1. judyslater

    Carl, do you have broken skin on the toe or just bruised? If the skin is broken, please put Bacitracin on it or any good antibiotic ointment. Bacitracin is my favorite and helps keep it from getting infected or kills infection. I will pray for your toe and I’m not joking. xo.

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