Too Much Good

I can’t even begin to state how blessed I feel right now.

Two of the cutest little twin boys are crawling around and n

ow p

ressing BUTTons oN MY coputr. =



To show you how cute they are and why it was worth it to let them do that for a bit (I got rid of the many times they pressed enter after that).

Photo on 6.1.13 at 6.51 PM


Now they’re touching my screen…I’m very glad I don’t have Windows 8 right now.

It’s kinda hard to type because they keep putting their hands right in front of where I’m typing, especially on this picture.


That aside, I was able to go to a church service this morning with the Kehn family and then have some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had (and I’ve been to India) and then attend a fellowship gathering that some of the ABIDE graduates I am on leadership with attend.

God is good.

Tomorrow we begin preparations for the leadership training (which will start Tuesday) and for ABIDE to start.

Tonight though, I get to have dinner with some of the leaders at our good friend Medard’s apartment (he’s ABIDE’s accountant).

And I also now have another friend who spent much of earlier in the day hanging on me.

Photo on 6.1.13 at 7.00 PM


God bless!

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One thought on “Too Much Good

  1. Lorrie Chomko

    Love it!!!

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