The Journey There (2.1.13 – 3.1.13)

What could I possibly complain about so far? I’m sure I will have things that will come up that will tempt me to complain, especially being so influenced by the self-focused culture found in the United States, but so far…I’ve felt blessed.

As I reflect on what today has held so far, I’m cold (not hot) on the airplane, and drinking a Coke from Colombia (yes, that means there’s actually sugar in it and not high fructose syrup). That alone would be enough for me to be in a good mood.

The other factors that have contributed to this good mood and optimism towards this time spend traveling so far, have to do with the many people I have run into so far.

My friend Bek and I recently had a conversation about how the two of us cannot go anywhere without finding someone we know or someone who knows someone we know. I attempted to clarify that this only tends to happen in Illinois…but Jesse promptly walked up and told me he had just met my friend Katie in Minnesota.

God, surely in an attempt to further prove me wrong, brought several people along my path during my travels today. First, I ran into my friend Austin who is about to head back to the Dominican Republic and finish his last four months of volunteering with the Peace Corp. Soon after, I ran into Benita who is also from Trinity and is going to be studying abroad at UCU (Uganda Christian University). After walking with Benita and her friend Mary who is also studying abroad, I ran into my friend Renjie who was headed to Rwanda for a year and a half. What a small world!

I stand corrected, I know people everywhere…but I attribute that much more to God than I do to myself. It definitely helps with not feeling like I’m alone in this travel, especially as this is super far from home and I’ve never done anything quite like this before.

God is good.


If you’ve ever traveled on a plane for as long as I did today (over these two days), you probably read through the earlier parts and realized I was fairly early in my travel. My legs were killing me and I started getting a bit stir-crazy about half way through the second flight. But, I made it!

It feels great to be back, but (as I’m sure they’ll appreciate reading) I really miss my parents. I’ve taken trips away from home before and I’m only really a day in but I know I have 7 months to go as opposed to other times knowing I’d see them in a week or so. They both wrote me really sweet cards and they made me cry. I definitely want to post my address when I know what it is, but I also feel like I’ll cry a lot reading letters…at least for a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, this is super emotional in a positive way also. I actually felt sentimental about the showers…if you’ve ever experienced a Ugandan shower, you’re probably worried for me right now! Matt asked me when we first went outside, “do you recognize that smell? Uganda!” and I replied that I did. I actually smelled the familiar smell that is reminiscent of ash when I first got off the plane and all I could do was smile and think “I’m here.”

Well…it’s 4:51pm at home as I write this (I don’t have internet at the moment so this will be posted later…) and it’s 1:52am here…and I’m getting up at 8am (Uganda time).

Goodnight and God bless!

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