8 March 2012 – This Isn’t the End, We’re Just Getting Started

It’s hard to write a journal about today for two reasons.

1. I’m incredibly tired and drained

2. The sooner I write this, the sooner it becomes real that we are leaving Mbarara tomorrow

Okay…I’ll pull it together and wait to break down until the end of this journal.

Today we had a longer period of worship, which was awesome. Matt even had me come up and lead “How He Loves” and that was really cool to get to do.

After this, they had their Veritas class and I was working on my sermon for the fellowship gathering we were having tonight, but I was part of a group and it was good to be able to do that with them.

Once class was over, we had a little break and then I did not go to the next class because I had a lot of preparation left to do for my message.

Then we had lunch, which was matoke and beans…which was alright considering we only had matoke when the rest of the team was here.

We then headed to some place that had beach in it’s name…though it wasn’t a beach.

We had a great time there and I got some good pictures and video and we also played a game of football (soccer). And I wasn’t as bad as I remembered, and I played with no shoes and I didn’t wear a shirt. Something about these guys makes me more willing to be crazy (Which led to some sunburned shoulders, but that’s alright).

Then we went back and I realized that the room my change of clothes and iPad (which I was preaching from) were in Medard’s locked room and we had just left him in downtown Mbarara. So, I had to have a student take a boda (motorbike taxi) to get the keys so that I could get my stuff.

I got ready and into the hall just in time to preach. I wish I had had more time to prepare so that I wouldn’t have read as much and so I could have been more dynamic, but I was told that it was good. God works in us even when we aren’t at our best.

After that…okay, this is where it starts to get hard to write.

Many guys asked for our names and emails…but Amos, a guy that I’ve gotten pretty close to this week made me stop and think about how much he was going to miss me. Crap. I should have not played it off as much as I did because I didn’t want to face the reality, but I could have asked him to do the same.

These guys are all so great and I would love for nothing more than to just stay here for the rest of the ABIDE program, even if that means staying in this hotel that whole time.

I got to talk politics with Yona after that, then about life after ABIDE with Peter, and then the other Peter brought me into his room to tell me about a ministry that he started when he was 18 that he needs prayer support and for people to be told about it and it sounds awesome (I will share more once I get his email).

I heard about this program and I thought it sounded great.

Now that I have spent a week with the guys, I can firmly say, it IS great.

I hope to stay in contact with all of the guys and I really hope to see all of them sometime soon. However, I rest in the hope that I will see them all after this life is over, and considering how fleeting life is, that could be any day (just reality, not thinking it will actually come soon).

I think I may need to start a prayer list, because I don’t want to forget to pray for any of these guys or their future ministries.

God bless them.

Mukama Asiimwe.


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