7 March 2012 – Farming and Class [with Professors Bill and Kevin]

This may be a shorter journal as I’m incredibly tired, but we’ll see.

Due to the late night with bugs, I did not get as much sleep as I have gotten used to getting during this past week.

We did not really participate in the farming as there were already very many people trying to work in a fairly small space, but we did get to learn about it some.

Kevin taught the first lesson and he taught on αγαπη love, as talked about in the Gospel of John. He did a great job and was very enthusiastic and gave me some ideas about how to use the blackboard when I do my teaching on Friday.

Then we had a tea break which was awesome as the tea was good and these donut-type pastries we had were very good as well.

Bill taught the second lesson and he taught on Philippians 3:1-13. He did a very good job and got across a ton of information. Bill is definitely an academic. I spent a majority of the time that he was teaching trying to get pictures of him, due to his request.

It then was lunchtime. We had posho with beans and bananas. I think I’m starting to get used to posho.

After this, there was a computer class, but we were all pretty wiped and decided to just chill for a bit. After their class was over, we were assigned students (I had Daniel and Amos again) to go lead a Bible study at a high school with.

We were under the impression that all of the groups still required introductions and that we would be doing just that this time. Apparently my group was ahead of the game.

We had Bible study and it was great, but very long and I got back nearly 2 hours (or more) after Bill.

It was a long walk back and Patrick and Daniel had me walk the road to my hotel on my own, which was a little scary, but I prayed the whole time and made it safely.

We had dinner not too long after I got here (Chicken and chips) and I have been working on my sermon for tomorrow since I’ve gotten back, but I am not done and felt it made sense to pray, go to sleep, and work on it tomorrow instead of trying to write it when I am tired and unfocused and then be incredibly tired tomorrow.

One thing that I learned tonight was that when I try to use my Ugandan accent, it sometimes changes into Irish and I spent a majority of the Bible study speaking with an unintentional Irish accent.

Not to mention, I’ve been saying this whole thing in an Irish accent in my head. I’m all screwed up.

Despite how tired I am, I managed to write a decent post.

God is good.


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