6 March 2012 – First Day of [ABIDE] Classes [for Us]

When we first go to school as little kids, we worry about whether the other kids will like us or not. I didn’t consider this today as I already know all of the guys from ABIDE and all of them (except Connor [sarcasm]) seem to like me. If I had been concerned though, a few little kids would have made that disappear quickly.

We’ve barely interacted with the little kids that go to school at Juna Amagara, but this morning, one decided to run up to me almost out of nowhere and hug me and as soon as he let go, another did the same. I love Ugandan children.

After this awesome little run in, the day started.

The first class was taught by Matt on Bible Study, essentially looking at how to apply a passage to your context after exegesis. We did this with Ephesians 2:1-10 and spent most of the time in small groups. I really enjoyed this.

The second class was taught by Pastor Manzi (Daniel’s Father) on making the most of our time (prioritizing), and although I had heard a lot of it before, I definitely needed the reminder.

We then had a break for lunch which involved Matt and me showing the students ID pictures of our long hair. They loved that.

After lunch we had class taught briefly by Joel and then mainly by Medard (who I got quite a few funny and a few good pictures of. Medard taught on business planning for an upcoming project that they will be doing. He did a great job.

After this, Bill, Kevin and I hung out with Connor and Medard in their room talking about the day and funny pictures of Medard.

We then headed over to Joel’s house for an AIM (African Inland Mission) dinner (snacks and coffee) and time of worship through music. The missionaries were all very hospitable and it felt a little bit like we were back in the west which was nice (familiarity-wise). One of the songs we did was “The Great I AM.” I hadn’t heard it before, but it was awesome.

Then Matt took us back to our hotel and we ordered some pork and chicken with chips and our sodas and spent the remainder of the evening on our upcoming lessons.

Actually…there’s one more thing that happened after that…

Bill and I decided to try and kill the wasp that was spending time keeping me feeling anxious in the bathroom (I sang to pacify it earlier, but anytime the water would get turned on at all, it would get angry). We were successful, but did not realize all that was still ahead for the night.

We then decided to spray deet on all of the little mud wasps nests around my room (we had found about 7-8) to kill whatever might have been inside. In the process of doing this, we found a giant one we had not seen yet. Both of us being fairly fearful of bugs that fly and sting, decided this was a good time to get some help from the hotel.

Our good friend Paul came by and picked off all of the little ones and let them fall to the ground saying that would keep them from returning. Once he got to the big one, he used a butter knife and then said our problem was gone.

While he went to get the broom to sweep up all of the broken nests, Bill and I noticed a giant, orange, hairy, squirming larvae. We then killed it with my cheap shoes.

This ordeal finally being over, Bill headed to his room and I started to get ready for bed (to find one more little one, but I took care of it).

Sorry for the drawn out story on bugs that probably has anyone that has the same fear of bugs as Bill and I do itching like crazy right now and somewhat paranoid.

All is well, we are healthy, we are safe and there are no nests or major bugs in our rooms.

Praise the Lord!


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