5 March 2012 – Sabbath Rest (Except at Night)

Well, I didn’t spell Mukama Asimwe wrong! Praise the Lord! (See what I did there?)

This day has been really good. We slept in and then worked on our lessons for the week for several hours following breakfast and getting ready. After that we headed over to ABIDE.

The sun was nice and Bill and I decided to be dangerous and not put sunscreen on for the walk from our hotel in the hope that our momentary exposure to the hot African sun might provide a spot of color for our pigmentally-challenged skin. It probably didn’t.

We were able to sit in on a “family meeting” where rules were discussed and recent issues were discussed (relational or otherwise).“

The amount of openness, honesty, humility, and love that we saw displayed from one brother to the next, even in rebuking or receiving rebuke was amazing. Not to mention the fact that these guys are only about a month and a half into this program. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for them.

After this, we had lunch together and then spent some time just hanging out. Bill, Kevin, and I went into Medard and Connor’s room to see what the room I may be in next year looks like. It’s small, but honestly, not too bad. We stayed in there for several hours talking about many things regarding differences between US, UK, and UG cultures, the many different lotions that Medard uses, as well as theology, pastors and politics. It was a good time, but it was over (what felt like) fairly quickly.

We were blessed with the opportunity to eat at the Kehn household for dinner and Asher was really excited to see us (Steven seemed pretty excited, but also content with doing his own thing). We had pizza, which was an awesome break from rice products and beans.

We then talked through the plan for the week and were informed of a fellowship event for all of Juna Amagara on Thursday night. Kevin will be giving his testimony and I will be preaching. Matt though it would be a good idea for me to preach as I may be coming back next year and that builds some familiarity.

This is really pretty awesome, considering that in many other ministries that I’ve been involved in, it’s been difficult to get opportunities to teach or preach and in this circumstance, I am with the ministry for a week and get to do both.

My night somewhat went downhill after that.

As we went to leave ABIDE at night, I peeked my head into Connor’s room to say goodnight and was informed by Alexander that we should not go alone as it is not safe and that he and a few students would walk us.

I asked why it was dangerous (while we were walking) for us to walk back alone and he let me know that after about 5pm in Mbarara, people like to hide and then rob you and possibly kill you. Let’s just say, after hearing that, my heart was racing, I was jumpy, and I was very aware of my surroundings. I also thanked the guys that walked us back several times as they were even putting their own lives in danger (though three white guys with big backpacks may have been a bigger target on their own) so that we might be safe.

We really are family, and that’s awesome.

Beyond that, I got back to my room just to find a small wasp and a nest inside my room, as well as a large wasp high up on the wall in my bathroom and what I believe to be several mud wasp nests on my curtain-holder thing.

I am incredibly thankful to have a net to sleep in tonight.

I also spoke with Graham on the phone for a bit and let him know that unless anything further shows up (and no, bugs are not a big enough issue), I think I may know where God is leading in this situation…and it scares the crap out of me…but it’s really awesome at the same time.

God bless.


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