4 March 2012 – The Rainy Season

Apparently I was wrong about the rainy season being over, it seems to have just started.


I went to put my poncho on, but found that I should have gotten the more expensive one at Target that looks more like a hoodie and fits well…this one makes me look like a tourist for sure.


Needless to say, I don’t need any more attention drawn to myself than my skin already provides, so I am not wearing this.


Church was great (and the rain was not really all that bad). The worship [music] was fun and authentic, the ABIDE guys did a great job with “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” as well as the “Sin Chair” skit. Not to mention, Matt brought the Word powerfully from Hebrews 12.


Something pretty cool about today and tomorrow is the laxity of the schedule (which I just said in a British accent in my head thanks to an Irish intern with ABIDE, Connor). Today, we had lunch with the guys after church and then had the evening open and we were able to play RISK and I was able to tune up the guitar for William (ABIDE student, not Bill) and then teach him a few more chords.


I forgot to mention, our lunch was Posho. This is apparently ground up rice…and is incredibly thick/heavy though nearly tasteless (and is flavored by the accompanying beans/soup/stew). Not too bad.


After this, we headed back to our hotel to change, have some drinks (soda), take some pictures and have dinner (Bill and Kevin’s first experience eating goat). After all of this, we watched half of the Manchester United v. Tutnam game. We only watched half as it is 8:25pm here and we’re all incredibly tired (jet-lagged).


Tomorrow is a Sabbath day for the ABIDE guys and Matt’s family day. So we will make our way over there around 9:30am (though anytime after would be fine as this IS Uganda) and spend the day with the guys (play board games, music, football (soccer), etc. In the evening, we will have dinner with Matt and his family.


Mukama Asimwe. (I’m sure I spelled it wrong, but it means “Praise the Lord.”)


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