The Countdown Begins

In 29 days (one month), I will leave O’Hare Airport, have a 4 hour layover in London and subsequently arrive in Entebbe, Uganda, Africa.

This is unreal.

Just seven months ago, I got back from my first visit to Uganda and I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to stay there. Now, I have been blessed IMMENSELY to be able to go back WAY sooner than anticipated!

Not only that, but I get to work with one of the best ministries that I have ever seen. A ministry where the leaders follow Christ’s example in how discipleship works and don’t just spend 20 minutes a week having lunch with a student to build into them, but dedicate their lives to it for six months.

Going for two weeks is going to be a teaser for sure, but I am thankful for the opportunity to see what it is like and get to see the ministry in action. Who knows, maybe this visit will spark a longer one in the future 😉

I am almost halfway to what I need for the full cost of the trip (I need $2000 by February 13th in order to go on the trip…just 13 days from now; in total [by March 23rd], I need $2650…I’m getting there, but I could use some help still!), which is really exciting!

For now, I need to keep my mind on school as I have a lot left to do in this month before heading to Uganda, but it’s pretty difficult as there’s nowhere that I’d rather be right now than in Uganda…but God has me in Seminary for a reason.

I will do my best to update once I am in the country, but I don’t know what internet availability will look like.

I’m excited and our team is amazing (though I will only be working in country with a couple of the other guys because of the nature of the ABIDE program ) and I can’t wait to see what God does in and through us!

Grace and Peace,

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